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vitron chalcogenide glass

IR Chalcogenide Glass


Vitron's range of Chalcogenide glasses offered by SKAN have excellent transmission and provide a cost effective solution for Infrared applications at wavelengths between 1µm and 14µm

Excellent transmission at IR wavelengths

Low temperature coefficient of refractive index & dispersion

Low Tg for high volume pressing production

IR glass
infrared glass



Supply Forms

  • Matt blanks

  • Milled lens blanks

  • Pressings

  • Aspherical lenses

  • Spherical lenses

  • Windows

  • Prisms

  • Domes

  • Anti-reflective coatings available

Common Applications

  • Pyrometers

  • Automotive applications

  • IR sensors

  • IR optical systems for communication and information transfer

  • Military / civil systems

  • Thermography

  • Predictive maintenance

  • Building diagnostics

  • Fault identification

  • Manufacturing

  • Science / R&D / Testing

  • Detection of inflammation within human body

  • Cancer detection

  • Security systems

  • Imagery systems for aviation

  • Fire mapping

  • Vehicle vision systems

  • Human monitoring

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