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Services and Capabilities



In addition to our global manufacturing & processing connections, SKAN’s production facility located in Coventry provides an expert cutting service for the Optical and Industrial glass types we supply

Flat Glass Processing

  • NC Cutting

  • Edging

  • Glass Cleaning

Optical & Filter Glass Processing
  • Precision Slicing

  • Core Drilling

  • Grinding

  • Lapping

  • Polishing

  • Small volume polished & coated Optical component prototyping 

Cov processing



Stock Holding


With a current inventory exceeding £1M, SKAN provide stock-holding solutions to support customer's requirements, meaning their bespoke products are ready for delivery to ensure uninterrupted production.

Additionally, we hold a multitude of standard, specialist and niche Optical and Technical Flat Glass materials from SCHOTT, as well as specialty glasses/materials from other high quality suppliers.

We aim to dispatch all ex-stock material within 48 hours.

Optical Material Stock
  • SCHOTT Optical Glass types in block & strip form

  • SCHOTT Optical Filter Glass types in standard 165 x 165 x 4-5mm

  • Select Optical Filter Glass types in larger thicknesses


  • SCHOTT D263®T Eco

  • SCHOTT AF32 & AF45

  • Zinc Selenide

  • Various obsolete glass types

Please see stock lists for current inventory.

Flat Glass Stock


  • SCHOTT RD50®


  • SCHOTT B270®


SCHOTT Optical Filter Glass


SCHOTT Optical Glass


SCHOTT Flat Glass

Stock holding


Technical Support

With over 65 years experience supporting a diverse range of industries & applications;

SKAN has the technical competency to aid your design project in defining suitable glass types, specifications, feasibility etc.

Each material type we supply is supported by technical specialists who can provide assistance and advice where needed.

For example, guidance with Optical Filter design & prototyping.

Technical support
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