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SCHOTT Radiation Shielding Glass



NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic is a unique material developed by SCHOTT AG for extreme conditions

Impressive thermal shock resistance and other properties make it ideal for a range of

industrial and domestic applications

Temperature stability up to 950°C

High thermal shock resistance

Excellent Infrared Transmittance

Excellent chemical resistance

Very low coefficient of linear thermal expansion


NEXTREMA® opaque grey

NEXTREMA® opaque grey blocks all visible light and still transmits in the infrared spectrum. Compared to common zero-light radiant heaters that use a metal surface, this material enables faster heat-up times.


NEXTREMA® opaque white

NEXTREMA® opaque white hides the heating element when switched off. When the heater is switched on the material evenly diffuses the visible light over the glass-ceramic surface and still an abundance of radiant heat. Invisible heaters blend seamlessly, eg. a bathroom is only one of many potential application ideas.


NEXTREMA® transparent

NEXTREMA® transparent is the material of choice in situations where protection and visibility of the heating elements are needed. The material is especially suited for short wave heating applications due to its superior transmission in the relevant spectrum.


NEXTREMA® tinted

NEXTREMA® tinted offers a black design that fits into basically every environment, hiding the heating elements when switched off. When the heater is powered on, the excellent transmission for radiant heat ensures a high heat
output at minimal glare.


NEXTREMA® translucent blue grey

NEXTREMA® translucent blue grey efficiently blocks the bright glare produced by infrared heating elements while at the same time ensures a high heat output. The bluegrey design in interaction with different heating elements transforms bright glare into a pleasant red glow.


NEXTREMA® translucent white

NEXTREMA® translucent white combines a white design with superior infrared transmission characteristics. It is the ideal material for applications requiring high heating performance, protection of the heating elements and an elegant design.


NEXTREMA® Pizza Stone

NEXTREMA® Pizza Stone can withstand temperatures to 560°C and is easy to clean. Unlike conventional pizza stones, no pre-heating is required!


NEXTREMA® transparent as a BBQ grill viewing window or lid. Or tinted NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic as back burner cover for rotisserie burners in grills.

NEXTREMA® transparent burner shields for gas BBQs.

Either in domestic or industrial use, the six different transmission provide a choice for infrared heater covers.

NEXTREMA® can be used as a carrier plate, heater cover, viewing window or additional insulation in industrial furnaces due to its thermal shock resistance up to 820°C and temperature resistance up to 950°C.

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