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filter glass

Optical Filter Glass



SCHOTT's broad portfolio of 70+ Optical Filter glass types provide selective absorption from

Ultraviolet to Infrared wavelengths (250 - 3200nm)


SKAN stock most current SCHOTT Optical Filter glass types alongside many obsolete types

High transmission at desired wavelengths

High blocking at unwanted wavelengths

Spectral range from 250 - 3200nm covered

No polarization


schott filter glass

SCHOTT's Interactive Filter Diagram can be used to help you find the right filter for your application

For a detailed overview of SCHOTT's Optical Filter glass types

optical filter glass
interference filter


Supply Forms

  • Stock 165 x 165 x 4-5mm matt plates

  • Custom size matt finish geometries

  • Custom size polished geometries

  • Custom size polished & coated geometries

Thickness tolerances, spectral range, Optical density and polish quality can be modified to meet your specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss.

Optical Filter Glass Coatings

  • Anti-reflection coatings

  • Protective coatings

  • Multi-layer interference coatings

  • Mirror coatings

  • Electrically conductive coatings

  • Demisting coatings (anti-fog/hydrophilic)

​SCHOTT Optical Filter Families

Shortpass Filter

KG - Virtually colourless glass with high transmission in the visible and high absorption in the IR ranges (heat protection filters)

Longpass Filter

GG - Nearly colourless to yellow glass, IR-transmitting

OG - Orange glass, IR-transmitting

RG - Red and black glass, IR-transmitting

N-WG - Colourless glasses with different cutoffs in the UV, transmitting in the visible and IR ranges

Bandpass Filter

UG - UV-transmitting glass

BG - Blue, blue-green, and multi-band glass

VG - Green glass

Neutral Density Filter

NG - Grey glass with uniform attenuation in the visible range

NVIS Bandpass Filter

NVIS - Glass with a special colour and high optical density for Near IR

schott filter glass types


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