SCHOTT Radiation Shielding Glass


Company Overview

In 1954, H V SKAN was founded on the core principle of representing SCHOTT here in the UK. Over 65 years on, our exclusive partnership agreements with SCHOTT into the UK market has provided our customers with access to high quality SCHOTT materials and the most advanced manufacture and processing methods around the world.

Over the decades we have accumulated a multitude of standard, specialist and niche Optical, Technical & Industrial materials from numerous high quality suppliers.

In addition to this long-standing partnership, we offer in-house 'buffer stock-holding' solutions for our customer's bespoke products.


SKAN's Processing Facility manufactures custom Optical components and flat glass products to our customer's required specification.

Being based in the UK, SKAN's technical experts are available to meet your needs quickly and effectively.

Company Founder, Howard Victor Skan

Chairman, Roger Skan