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Flat Glass



Thermally toughened soda-lime glass produced via the float process is mainly clear but can also be tinted or coated

High impact resistance

High thermal shock resistance

Multi-colour printing

High precision processing


Max. Size 1200 x 2000mm (Other sizes available upon request)

  • Dubbed corners: A dubbed corner has a smooth surface and makes the handling and assembly of the panels safer and easier

  • Radius corners: 3mm standard (smaller radii are available on request)

  • C-shape

  • Flat edges

  • Arrised edges

  • Bevelled edges for up to four sides

  • Ground or polished

  • Hole diameter: 3.5 to 300mm

  • Other types of cut-out such as rectangular and oval are available

Other dimensions and tolerances are available upon request.

  • Metal impressions

  • Matt satin-finished surfaces

  • Mirror elements

  • Semi-transparent colours

  • Front and back side printing

  • Haptic effect printing

  • QR Code and barcode printing options

  • High homogeneity

  • Ultra-thin

  • Excellent optical properties

  • Good mechanical and chemical resistance

  • Heat-reflective 

  • Anti-reflective


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