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schott optical glass

Optical Glass

SCHOTT Advanced Optics have over 130 years experience in the development and manufacture of high-quality Optical materials with a current product portfolio of over 120 glass types

SKAN stock an extensive range of SCHOTT Optical glass types

Ultra-high transmittance

Homogenous refractive index

Wide range of glass types

Extremely tight tolerances 

glass lens

SCHOTT's Interactive Abbe Diagram provides an overview of all available Optical glass types

For detailed information of SCHOTT's Optical glass types

Product Variants

  • High homogeneity Optical glass types up to H5 class, measured using highly advanced interferometers

  • Nd and Vd tolerances up to Step 0.5 (±0.0001 / ±0.1%) for selected glass types

  • "N-" glasses as an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional lead and arsenic containing glass

  • Classic glass types with lead oxide as an essential component for outstanding Optical properties

  • "P-" glasses with low glass transition temperature (Tg) for precision molding

  • "HT" & "HTultra" Optical glasses with enhanced transmission values in the visible spectrum

  • i-line glasses with extremely high refractive index homogeneity and high UV transmittance

  • Radiation resistant glass types for use in high-energy radiation environments


Optical Glasses are specified in accordance to their Optical and internal properties

  • Refractive index with tolerances

  • Abbe value with tolerances

  • Refractive index homogeneity

  • Internal transmission

  • Color code

  • Striae

  • Bubbles and inclusions

  • Stress birefringence

Optical glass is subjected to stringent quality inspection before delivery. All stages of the Optical glass production are continuously monitored. Additionally, comprehensive final inspection is performed.


All products are routinely supplied with melt data and a certificate of conformity.

Optical glass blanks
optical glass


optical glass rod



optical glass block
optical glass coating



Supply Forms

  • Raw glass blocks (fine annealed)

  • Raw glass strips (coarse & fine annealed)

  • Cut blanks

  • Cut prisms

  • Pressed blanks

  • Pressed prisms

  • Rods

  • Polished discs

Optical glass is available economically as Pressings/Mouldings, within size restrictions as H2 Homogeneity.

Optical Glass Coatings

  • Anti-scratch

  • Anti-reflective

  • Mirror

  • Edge & bandpass filters

  • UV bandpass filters

  • Laser protection filters

  • BK7G18

  • K5G20

  • LF5G15

  • LF5G19

  • F2G12

  • LAK9G15

  • SF6G05

Supply Forms

  • Matt blanks

  • Polished discs

  • Pressings

  • Rods

Please contact us for availability.



Radiation Resistant Optical Glass

SCHOTT's Radiation Resistant Optical Glass is doped with Cerium which provides stability against transmission loss caused by ionizing radiation. The added Cerium gives a yellow tint, while shifting the UV transmittance edge to a longer wavelength. SCHOTT offer several types with different dispersion properties:​

radiation resistant glass


Radiation Resistant Optical Glass
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