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Skan relies on the quality of SCHOTT ROBAX® fire-viewing panels “Engineered in Germany”

A market leader in fire viewing panels for indoor and outdoor use


Expertly engineered, professionally manufactured and astonishingly clear, ROBAX® glass-ceramic fire-viewing panels offer a brilliant view of a crackling fire

Temperature stability up to 760°C

High thermal shock resistance

Near zero thermal expansion

Impressive mechanical strength

Flat ROBAX® panels

With a robust construction and exceptional clarity, flat ROBAX® panels offer clear views and a long product life. These are available as standard sheets or custom cut-to-size panels. Sheets are 1954 x 1100mm, in 4 or 5mm thickness, and serve as base material for cut-to-size panels.

ROBAX® can be decorated in a choice of over 10 colours, as well as two-colour decoration with metallic design effects.


Curved ROBAX® panels

Providing exceptional views of the fire from all sides, curved ROBAX® panels are available in various geometries and thicknesses of 4 or 5mm. A wide and customisable choice of dimensions are possible, with unlimited bending radii from 225mm, arc lengths from 210 to 1100mm, and standard panel heights from 100 to 800mm. Curved ROBAX® panels are finished according to your requirements and come with edge processing. Decoration and other specialties are also available depending on your design.​​


Angular bent ROBAX® panels

Angular bent ROBAX® panels offer a comprehensive view of a fire from all sides. Available in thicknesses of 4 or 5mm, single or multiple bends create a broad variety of looks, with a range of possible bending angles, leg lengths, heights and even bending radii (big bending radii with a see-through bending edge offer maximum vision). They come with edge processing and decoration in a variety of colours and patterns.

90° and 135° bending angles as standard. Other angles available on request.


ROBAX® Magic


ROBAX® Magic with Signature Impressions is a collection of decorative glass-ceramic panels that enhances the flame effects making a beautiful design impression inside the firebox.


ROBAX® TrueView


The anti-reflective coating applied on both sides of the glass-ceramic is available for flat ROBAX® fire viewing panels.

It provides a clear view of the fire without any distractions or reflections from the area surrounding the fireplace. Offering the best view of the fire, the heart of the fireplace.

We recommend using ROBAX® TrueView only in gas fireplaces.










ROBAX® Mirror

This reflective coating is available for flat ROBAX® fire viewing panels. When no fire is burning, the often dirty inside of the fireplace is not visible thanks to ROBAX® Mirror. When the fire is burning, however, viewing is excellent. The reflective coating is found on the side that faces away from the fire. The uncoated side is indicated for purposes of installation.

ROBAX® IR Max & SuperMax

ROBAX® IR Max reflects more infrared radiation back into the combustion chamber compared to uncoated ROBAX® fire-viewing panels.

ROBAX® IR SuperMax achieves an even higher reflection of heat radiation back into the combustion chamber compared to ROBAX® IR Max and uncoated ROBAX® fire-viewing panels.



ROBAX® NightView

Turns a pellet stove into an even more attractive fireplace. Through the specially tinted glass-ceramic viewing panel, the flames look darker and calmer – for a highly emotional fire experience. On the other hand, when the pellet stove is turned off, the burning pot and ash are invisible.


ROBAX® Dry Wiper

The ROBAX® Dry Wiper is designed specifically for cleaning fire-viewing panels. Ideal for wiping non-coated fire-viewing windows. The Dry Wiper must not be used with water or a cleaning agent. Using the Dry Wiper, simply wipe sooty surfaces with the active grey side when the fire is out and the panel is cold.


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