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laser glass

Laser Glass



Glass is an ideal host material for the rare-earth ions that give optically pumped lasers their power


SKAN offer SCHOTT laser materials and components suitable for diode, solid-state and gas lasers, covering a multitude of wavelengths and pulse lengths

High emission


High homogeneity


Excellent thermomechanical properties

Free of Platinum


High Laser Induced Damage Threshhold

Silicate based laser glass


Laser glass that features a high cross-section, high ultraviolet transmission, and high resistance to solarization. This glass is commonly employed in high-repetition rate solid-state laser systems.

Phosphate based laser glass for high energy applications

LG-750, LG-760, LG-770

Developed to meet the needs of the high-energy solid-state laser community. All three glasses exhibit a high laser cross-section, a low non-linear refractive index, and thermal characteristics. All are available in a form free of all metallic platinum particles or other inclusions that can exhibit laser damage.

Phosphate based laser glass for high power & ultra-short pulse applications


Aphosphate glass with enhanced thermal mechanical properties desirable in high-average power applications. The broad emission bandwidth of these materials has been utilized in femtosecond regime laser systems. The lower gain cross-section and the long low concentration emission lifetime have made this glass of interest in applications limited by amplified stimulated emission and/or intended for excitation by diode lasers.

Phosphate Laser Glass for High Power Applications at 1.00 μm


The next generation of our advanced laser glasses with increased thermo-mechanical properties. It is recommended to be used as active material in laser systems with high repetition rates.

Phosphate ´Eye-safe´ laser glass for 1.5 μm emission

LG-940, LG-950, LG-960

Er- and Yb-doped phosphate-glass for use in flash lamp or diode-pumped laser systems. It has a very low dn/dT, good thermal properties and a very high emission cross-section. Typical applications are laser range finding and medical lasers.

Small pot melting facilities available for prototyping.

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