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BOROFLOAT ® 33 is the world's first floated Borosilicate flat glass

It's impressive technical capabilities make it suitable for a wide range of Optical and Industrial applications

Excellent thermal resistance

Extremely high transparency

High chemical durability

High mechanical strength

Further Processing & Finishing

  • Bespoke sizes and shapes

  • CNC edge cutting

  • CNC internal shape cutting

  • Laminating

  • Laser marking

  • Chemical & thermal toughening

  • Anti-reflective coating

  • Scratch resistant coating

  • Surface polishing

Common Applications

  • Heat resistant cover glasses for sensors and cameras

  • Heat resistant window glasses

  • Pyrolytic oven doors

  • Safety glazings

  • Substrate for optical coatings

  • Protective windows for 3D sensors and scanning devices

  • Optical lenses

  • Gauges

  • Chemical engineering equipment

  • Sight glasses

  • Microfluidic systems

  • Medical devices

For more information, please see:

borofloat 33

© SCHOTT, BOROFLOAT glass sample

borofloat 33 sheets

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