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ROBAX® NightView wins German Design Award 2022!

ROBAX® NightView, has once more become a success story at the German Design Award 2022. The black-tinted glass-ceramic for pellet stoves received the award in the category: Excellent Product Design - Materials & Surfaces.

ROBAX® NightView impresses with its optical impression and thus enables a completely new pellet stove experience: thanks to the tinted panel, the flames appear calmer and naturally warm in colour. When switched off, the panel almost completely obscures the view into the often dirty combustion chamber, and the stove with its dark glossy façade blends perfectly into any room. Depending on the construction and design of the pellet stove, it may even be possible to dispense with elaborate double glazing. The interplay of functionality and aesthetics also impressed the judges during the German Design Awards 2022.


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