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*NEW* SCHOTT 'Optical Glass Catalogue 2022'

SCHOTT Optical Glass Catalogue 2022
Download • 2.31MB

New Optical Glasses


A high index glass with comparable low density and high hardness for compact designs.


A classic glass type with high transmission values for short wavelength applications such as microscopy. Due to a similar refractive index, SF3 pairs nicely in achromatic doublets with N-LAK28.


This glass has a high hardness that promises high processing yields and a low temperature dependency that is beneficial for athermal designs as required by the automotive sector.

Smartphone Optics

With Optical glass replacing polymers in smartphone cameras, this catalogue includes key information about the developing role of optical materials for mobile applications.

Stress Birefringence

The specifications on stress birefringence have been updated to cover a wider range of materials and formats.

New Products

A number of new innovative products such as ceramic laser phosphor converters and high refractive index glass wafers.


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