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Made almost entirely anti-reflective by SCHOTT’s unique sol-gel technique, CONTURAN® can be adapted for a wide variety of applications through special coating and thermal toughening

Less than 1% luminous reflectance

High level transmission across the visible spectrum

High mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance

Robust scratch resistant coating

Provides Infrared protection


SCHOTT’s CONTURAN® glass provides outstanding transparency and clarity thanks to its powerful anti-reflective capabilities and high light transmission qualities. Its optical interference coating reflects back less than 1% of light, as well as offering high color fidelity.

Conturan diagram_edited.png

SCHOTT adapted its well-known CONTURAN® coating to meet the requirements of the chemical toughening process. Based on a soda-lime glass, it offers improved mechanical stability in a thin and light weight glass.


Based on an aluminosilicate glass as high-ion-exchange (HIE) substrate, CONTURAN® Tough AS is the solution for highest demands. It offers superior mechanical stability in a thin and light weight glass thickness. It provides more than 150 % higher break and impact resistance as a comparable standard soda-lime float glass. Furthermore, it offers the highest levels of flexural strength and scratch resistance without any optical distortions.

CONTURAN® Protect & IR Protect

CONTURAN® Protect & IR Protect help outdoor digital displays handle the heat even when the sun is blazing. These displays are vulnerable to failure from overheating, especially in excessively hot weather, but IR Protect cuts out almost 80% of infrared light, so the displays stay cool.


Anti-reflective coatings give excellent contrast to touchscreens but visual clarity suffers when the glass is clouded by fingerprints. However, DARO’s oleophobic qualities mean it’s resistant to fingermarks, smudges and dirt that frequently smear screens, while remaining water-repellent.


Energy expenditure for chilling food products is often a considerable cost for supermarkets, but CONTURAN® Low-E energy-efficient refrigerator glass helps store owners make significant energy savings. The glass has a thin, pyrolytic, low-emissivity coating that reduces the thermal transmittance of insulating glazing by 40%.

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