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B270® i

Ultra-White Crown Glass


B270®i crown glass manufactured using SCHOTT’s up-draw process.

Due to it’s low iron oxide content it is ultra-white in appearance. In most circumstances, the fire polished surface negates the need for further polishing

High transmittance at UV-A, VIS and NIR 

Crystal clear appearance

Homogenous refractive index

Fire-polished surface with low roughness

Strong solarization stability 

Robust chemical resistance


Forms of Supply

  • 406 x 258mm (50kg boxes) available ex-stock

  • Standard sheets

  • Cut to size sheets

  • Polished substrates and wafers

  • Anti-reflective coating available



Common Applications

  • Protective optical filters

  • Digital projection

  • Microfluidics chips

  • Lab-on-a-chip

  • Substrate coatings

  • Display covers

  • Consumer glasses & goggles

  • Touch panels


Available in a wide range of thicknesses


Other formats and thicknesses available upon request.